Deer Harvest

Harvested my first deer yesterday with my bow.  Had a good clean shot at about 45-48 yards, arrow came in the left side ribcage a little behind the liver, and out the right shoulder blade.  Evidently the deer jumped as the arrow was crossing through the shoulder because it split the arrow and carried the last 5 inches of the arrow inside it…. this made a big mess.  While it was running that arrow was getting churned around, shredding the heart, one lung, and tearing a hole in the top of the (very full) stomach.


I quickly tracked dressed the deer, cleaning out all of the freshly chewed stomach contents that had spilled.  I had shot thinking i was seeing a big doe, but actually got 1/2 of a large 4-pointer (one antleer was broken off)

After getting the deer home I hunt it to cool in the back yard (The Wife was surprisingly ok with a deer hanging in the back yard).   About 4 hours later a neighbor who porcesses all his own deer came over to walk me through skinning and butchering the deer.   By 3:30 the buck was boned-out and in the fridge dry-aging.  We’ve got probably 8-10 lbs  meat to be ground, another 8-10 of loin, and probably 25-30 in a shoulder roast, and the back leg rounds (to be cut into steaks, cubed, and a couple of roasts in a few days).



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