A Great Garden Bale-Out

A Great Garden Bale-Out

Before you cringe, rest assured this Bale-out won’t cost taxpayers (or their grandchildren) trillions of dollars…

Living on a relatively steep hill, garden space comes at a high premium.  After a successful attempt at pickling cucumbers this past year, I very much want to increase the veggies that we can for later use.  However, our garden was pretty crammed full last year (actually overfilled to be honest). 

I remembered reading a bit in Mother Earth News or Urban Farm magazine about straw bale gardening.  I think we’ll probably give this a shot.  Anyone have experience (good or bad) with this process? 


2 thoughts on “A Great Garden Bale-Out”

    1. Yes. I’m going to grow them in bales this year. Saw a great idea for a cucumber teepee so I’m gonna give it a shot. I want to max out production so I don’t run out of pickles so quickly.

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