Cheap gear – Defiant Multi-function Flashlight

Cheap lights
Cheap lights

So, let’s get something out of the way: I’m a cheap-skate.  Because of this I’m always perusing the discount/closeout aisles at places like Home Depot.

When I saw two flashlights for 9 bucks, I had to bite.  The lights are 3-function LEDs.  White, Red, Green, and flashing Red.   I’ve got some pretty killer flashlights — like 500 lumen hi-lo-strobe tactical flashlights — and they are awesome.  BUT I didn’t have any red lights.  That’s the sole reason for this purchase.  A red light provides a more, well, discrete light in the event being covert were of some value, and it protects night vision in low light situations.

To say this light throws a beam is kind of a joke — even next to just a 290 lumen light.   BUT, the low powered, 2-led red light is so far great for night reading, etc.  So for $4.50 a piece, one of these is going in each GHB/BOB.

Some would rather pay a couple hundred bucks for a Surefire and a replacement bulb… I’m gonna go with $4.50 for the home depot special.



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