Back in action

Well, I’ve not been too active here lately — mostly because i’ve been so active elsewhere.

Baby-Not-a-grashopper is on the way — ETA early 2015. Ensuing to-do list has taken up pretty much any free time.

I would have hoped to have already bagged one Deer this year, but have only spent 2 mornings in the stand.  Fall/Winter gardening is happening, but not as robustly as I would have hoped.  We have 2 beds of greens growing — one in the greenhouse waggon, the other under some clear plastic.  Sub-freezing temps here over the past week may have knocked that bed out completely, I haven’t had time to check.

With the growing family comes less space in the house — which means some stuff has gone on the chopping block.  I’ve sold off old Yakima Rack accessories, golf clubs (yep, I golf), and 3 old commie rifles w/ nearly 3000 rounds of 7.62×39.

One key advancement I’ll do a write up on soon is my truck-box emergency kit (which is still growing).  I’m working on equipping each vehicle with a road-side emergency bag.  I’ve seen some great perspective, but am working to adapt to our situation.  Specifically, I’m thinking of the spot on the horizon where I will likely end up doing a fair amount of auto travel around the region.  At that point, my car load-out will need to be drastically different, so I’m trying to mentally prepare for that.

Either way, i’ll be trying to create more content here in coming weeks and months — even though no one’s reading it, since I went Facebook Dark a few months ago, this will give me a place to share my frustration with the world.

Most of said frustration stems form things like this:


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