So with a baby on the way, I find myself thinking about my own health in a whole new way. I’ve always been pretty “healthy” in that I am of a healthy BMI, Cholesterol levels, don’t smoke/chew (anymore), etc.  I’m physically active on a consistent basis — home projects, softball, volleyball, etc — but it’s been several years since I’ve taken a motivated approach to exercise….. despite the fact that I’ve been paying for a Gym membership for 3 years.

In August, I decided I was gonna get back on the horse.  I’m a pretty system and process-minded person, so just heading to the Gym to work out wasn’t going to happen, I needed a plan and goals. Mrs. Not-a-Grasshopper (who is far more athletically adept than I) sent me to  I felt pretty stupid at first looking at workouts put together buy muscle-headed guys, but after a few months of working through a plan (Big Man on Campus work out— what a ridiculously dumb name), I’m sold.

I’m good if i get in 3 days a week — 5 is not going to happen. But, I’m feeling stronger in the gym (still pretty weak in all honesty), experiencing less muscle soreness form other activities, and have a general higher energy level.  All in all, this has been a great reminder to me that as much as I may strive to be prepared for who-knows-what, If i’m a lazy sack of lard, I’m not gonna be much good for my family or others.

This is going to be a consistent part of life for me from now on.  I’m not eating crazy health foods, I still drink a beer at night, but I’m making sure my body has a physical capacity to perform at its best when it needs to — both in strength and endurance.




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