Capitalism in Chains

Here we go again…

The Georgia Automotive Dealers Association (GADA) is arguing before the state that Tesla shouldn’t be allowed to sell cars to individuals in Georgia because they don’t have franchised dealers like all the other auto manufacturers do.  That’s code for: Their innovative approach means they’ll make more money off of the sale of a car than we will.

Same issue played out in the 2014 legislative session in Georgia when the cab and limousine lobby had it’s legislative puppets introduce legislation that would have banned Uber from operating in Georgia.  Their argument — presented to me personally by a leader of the association of cab and limousine industry —  is that Uber is an unlicensed operator and that crushes his business (limo service) because he is struggling to pay his drivers $7.50 an hour due to regulatory expenses, while Uber drives are making bank. (note: if i were this guy, I’d close my business and become an Uber driver ASAP)

I’ll note the link above is to Uber, so it’s clearly biased.  However, there’s one line that made me choose that link… “HB907 is a direct attack on Atlanta consumers…”  Yup, that nailed it.

The GADA isn’t attacking Tesla, nor is the Taxi Cab and Limo pool attacking Uber — they are both attacking consumers.  Why? Because it is easier than the alternative — being forced to innovate and adapt to changing markets that would present better alternatives to consumers.  In other words, Chrony-ism is less work that capitalism. Consumer/customer be damned, these folks want their money, and they want its flow protected by regulation that destroys their innovative competition — which ensures they won’t have to work hard to innovate and adapt ever again.

I’m sorry, did any one else realize that we just flushed the American Dream down the toilet?

What if the train & rail industry couldn’t box the Wright Brothers out of their pursuit of flight because it was unfair competition.  Or if the Horse and Buggy guild sued Henry Ford and shut him down for failure to meet minimum equine house standards — even though he didn’t need horses for his buggies.

This absolutely sickens me.  Rather than the Taxi and Limo companies jumping ship and running to the UBER side so that they could avoid the regulation that is crushing their profits, the would rather the profitable side of the industry be crushed by regulations.  —- which, now that I mention it, I wonder if they even understand that the regulations are crushing them, maybe they are so intrenched and beaten down by those regs that they don’t even realize the death grip they are in —-  The same goes for the auto industry.  Rather than the Kia factory in West Point, GA selling me a kia direct — and Kia making more money off of the deal, they’d rather force Tesla to find a franchisee for a dealership in Georgia.

And who suffers for it?  You and I.  The consumers.

This is stupidity.  This is why we need the Government out of the marketplace. They are killing the hard worker, punishing the innovator, and choking the entrepreneurial innovative Spirit out of the American Man (and woman).



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