Common Sense… is apparently not all that common

The past weeks have shown us what level of evil and violence we are susceptible to… first the Paris Shootings, and second those in San Barnardino, CA.

And then, less than a week after the CA incident, before the dead are all buried, Emperor Obama explains to us from the Oval Office that legislating new stricter gun laws and climate change interventions will keep us safe.

Bravo. Bravo, sir.

While I do not doubt that either of those pieces of legislation would contain enough pages to actually stop a bullet, they will do nothing to keep me safe.  Nor, by the way, is it the President’s job to keep me safe.  That is my responsibility and mine alone. Not the police, not the military, not legislators. MINE.

While the President, in his ivory tower with his personal guard of some of the best trained body guards in the world,   clearly doesn’t understand this reality it appears that law-enforcement professionals do — at least in parts of Georgia, New York, Montana, Ohio, Detroit (what, Detroit, really? Yeah, I was a bit surprised), and sort of in Washington D.C.

There is now, has always been, and will remain forever to be only one thing that stops a bad guy with a gun…. and that is a good guy with a gun.


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