Great piece from Judge Napolitano

This piece over at is well worth a read.

One thing I cringe at in the article:

“Why weren’t a recently married couple with Middle Eastern backgrounds—one of whom had been born here, the other of whom had immigrated here and achieved permanent legal residence only through marriage; both of whom recently had been stockpiling huge amounts of military-style weaponry and ammunition; both of whom had just received more than half their combined annual income in a single wire transfer to their joint bank account; both of whom had been practicing the use of their hardware at a gun range; one of whom had been known to hate Jewish people and had suddenly left his local mosque—generally known to the all-seeing and all-hearing NSA?”

Easy there your Honor — we don’t need to go making objective statements about what classifies as “HUGE” amounts of weaponry and ammunition.

ABC states they had “an eye-popping 2,500 rounds for assault rifles and 2,000 rounds for handguns” in their home, and another ~1,600 on their persons/in the SUV. Oh, and 4 guns– none of which does the Military use as far as I know (all though the DPMS AR and Smith & Wesson M&P do look similar to the M4 rifles used by the armed forces)



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