OLight M10

I’m a cheap-skate. I’ll own that.

My first quality flashlight was an Ultarfire w/ a Surefire lamp upgrade.  Have had it for about 7 years, it’s still rocking.  Since then I’ve added 4 other Ultrafire lights to the fold. None of them costing more than $6. All are great lights. (not including 2 Streamlight TLR-1 weapon lights for handguns, which were $75 and $100)

Granted, I’m carrying these lights in the glovebox, not to war.

Recently while building my AR pistol and reviewing gear I came across this article… it shifted some of my perspectives.  Specifically, about the importance of a light (i was long ago sold on night-sights — all of my pistols have them now)

So I recently ordered an O-Light M1o kit and it arrived at the house today.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 9.16.11 AM

I’m impressed… this little light (and it is pretty small) packs some punch — and some versatility. 350 Lumens on high (not sure the medium, and low level outputs), and a strobe function.  Mounts pretty tight to the rail (on my M4) and can be operated easily with a thumb. I’ll be looking into pressure pad mounts in the future, but doubt I’ll go that route.

Specifically, this is going on the AR Pistol.

I just ordered this light from Ultrafire to compare… I mean, for <$4, why not try it out.


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