I thought I was a little crazy.

So I’ve been moving at a slow pace in the “tactical” world. Always because I got stuck at a point where I thought it was a bit “crazy” to spend the money for something I would so likely never need.

I used to think my $8 Galco and Uncle Mikes holsters were just fine for concealed carry… now I have my G-Code INCOG (one of many options) and love it.

I used to think 2 magazines for a pistol was plenty…. I think I have 12 or 15 Glock 17 mags at the moment…. let’s not talk about AR mags.

I used to think I was a “good shooter” just from going to the range every few months…and I most certainly could shoot well from a standing stall at a immobile target. Then I worked through a defensive scenario and realized how much training matters.

Recently, the focus has been chest-rigs and plate carriers.

I used to watch folks on Youtube reviewing rigs and thought, “that’s cool, but kinda over the top.”

No longer.

I predict I’ll purchase a carrier by Spring.  Specifically, for a couple of reasons.

  1. Training — I want to take carbine courses to get some instruction and sharpen my skills.  These skills require a rig of some sort to carry rifle/pistol mags.
  2. By the time you setup a low quality rig w/ necessary pouches, you can just about buy one of these
  3. Lunatics are shooting up offices, bars, schools, malls, soccer matches, and concerts around the world.

I’m not planning on running to the grocery store with a plate carrier on, but if things go crazy and I have it available, I’m sure I’ll appreciate the investment.

Bottom line, there are terrorists throwing on body armor walking into a Christmas party shooting it up. I’ve got a life insurance policy not because I plan on dying in the next 30 years, but just incase.  So, why not have a Rifle rig/carrier ready to go w/ my rifle?  Not because I plan to need it, but because I never want to need it and not have it.  And I have to have one to take carbine courses, and I do want to get some training — just for fun if nothing else.



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