It’s about time….

….for national concealed carry legislation.

I saw this story on RedState’s morning email.  The absurdities of these arrogant lawyers thinking they and their “authority” are more powerful than our Constitution is beyond me.

There are thing I utterly dislike about Trump.   BUT I am grossly disappointed that he is the only Republican Candidate to my knowledge who has a second amendment stance that would introduce national CCW rights.

As an example of the stupidity of these laws, I’ll be working next year a couple of miles across a state line from my home state and I will not be allowed to legally CCW.

What’s the old adage… adding more laws just makes everyone a criminal.

I don’t support or endorse this position but, I’ve heard it presented by many that “concealed means concealed” and there is a difference between “Can carry” and “may carry.”

Personally, I don’t have the money for a lawsuit — one that I believe could be won with the proper legal aid — so I’ll be looking at non-firearm defensive options during my travel.


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